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Despite the relatively young age (41 Zero 42 just for a few years works in the town Fiorano Modenese), the manufacturer has earned a reputation of a trendsetter in the industry of ceramics. The floor and wall tile, which is made here, is a continuous search for ideas, the pursuit to the perfection, the combination of aesthetics and functionality, correspondence to the spirit pret a porter and the requirements of casual. Ceramic tile 41 Zero 42 gives inspiration and opens endless possibilities for self-expression.


41Zero42: ceramic tiles by the famous manufacturer from Italy

 41 Zero 42 - original tile collections for charismatic interiors 

41 Zero 42: Italian ceramic tiles for different surfaces

The name 41 Zero 42 corresponds to the postcode of the manufacturer's address . The creators of the factory Martino Manni and Antonello Di Leonardo made a bet on the creativity and originality of their concepts. In their words, "the difference between imitation and real existence is exactly the gasoline that have to be doped into the engine, which produces imagination and ingenuity. Therefore, each new collection is born from the heared stories, legends, seen natural wonders, collected in the essence of everyday beauty."

41 Zero 42 – original tile collections for charismatic interiors

Creating ceramics for the home, the developers take into account all the nuances of its use, so that finished tile entirely meet operating conditions. It perfectly transfers the moisture, is easy to clean and serves for a long time. At that each collection has its emotional colouring. 

  • UColor. Consisting of 60 shades, it gives the opportunity to play with color scheme, laying on the plane anything up to 3-D images. With its help you can decorate the surrounding space, transforming it from faceless and colorless to bright and juicy.
  • Paper41. Combines completely opposing elements: male and female, neo-classicism and naturalism, prudence and recklessness. The collection colors the weekdays in multi-colored fireworks, evoking festive feelings and emotions.
  • Jumble. This collection is a kind of challenge for the conventional standards and stereotypes. It combines the seemingly incongruous: stone, wood and cement. Achieved interpenetration of the materials of different kind looks really impressively.
  • Muro41. The collection is based on the mood and atmosphere of one of the fashion capitals - Milan. Here are blended the past and the present, the Catholic traditions and the wordly avocations, restrained classics and adventurous modern. Each tile from the collection has its own meaning, every detail - the provenance.
  • Mate. Collection, uniting clay and marble, what allows to create tiles of different shapes: rounded, undulating, pointed. It completely reshapes the space and makes it possible to implement various design ideas. The work with such tiles is a fascinating game, in which 100 forms and 100 colors are involved.

41 Zero 42 – the harmony of strong feelings and unexpected contrasts.

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