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AI LATI Lights

AI LATI Lights - the lamps, which bring the harmony into every home

Conciseness and elegance – these words characterize the luminaries, produced under the brand name AI LATI Lights. The feature of all models, regardless of the purpose, is the use of white matte glass from the Venetian masters. The lamp shades and the caps have geometric shapes (square, cone, round, oval), but thanks to the smooth corners, they look very soft and vaguely. Each brand's collections will become worthy inclusion and functional addition to modern residential and office interiors.

AI LATI Lights

 AI LATI Lights: pendant, ceiling, wall, floor luminaries, table lamps 

First of all, lighting fixtures perform certain functions: to fill the room or its certain parts with cozy light, without causing irritation of the present people. However, they should serve as unobtrusive interior element, whose task is the harmonization of the space. The wall, ceiling, floor and fitted lighting fixtures from AI LATI Lights have all these qualities in complete measure.

The father-founder of the brand, which appeared in 2005 in Italy, was Federico de Mayo, the Venetian designer, who worked at the famous factory, which produced Murano glass . He considers that his mission is the manufacture of innovative product, the basis of which both the electronic components and the traditions of the Venetian glassblowers. That's why, many models such as Lugga, Sferies, Treviso, Violetta are completed with lamp shades, made from blown glass opal triplex, produced manually and also with high-tech equipment, including LED-systems, embedded power supply crates. Supporting structures are made of light metal alloy of white chrome, satin or matte shades. They are easy to install. Easy replacement of the lamps.

The design philosophy combines simple shapes with the magic of soft lighting. Each item has impeccable style and timeless architectural configuration. The lamps from AI LATI Lights evenly fill the room with diffused light, creating a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. This effect is undoubtedly in the demand for the harmonization of space of bedrooms and living rooms, halls and galleries, hotel rooms of category "Lux". AI LATI Lights does not pretend to be pretentious luxury, however, attract the attention with the help of royal dignity.


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