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Albert Leuchten

Albert Leuchten

One of the German company - Albert Leuchten - was founded in 1864 in Fröndenberg. The company is specialized in the production of the metal light fixtures for exterior lighting and of the metallic accessories for landscape decorating of the residential yards.

Company has different equipment, such as tools with CNC for laser resurfacing and for the metal arc cutting, also it has its own casting hangar. Constant investments in the production and the new technology developments allow to be ahead of the field and to produce the high-grade goods. All illuminating devices, produced by Albert Leuchten, are corresponded to the EU approved standards. The range of the released devices and accessories, developed by the designers and draftsmen, will astonish everyone pleasantly, demonstrating its diversity.


 The following goods are represented in the catalogs:

  • built-in directed emitters;
  • mastings;
  • floodlight projectors;
  • sailing lamps;
  • wall-mounted lights;
  • downlights;
  • plinth lamps;
  • lamps with house numbers;
  • lamppost lighting;
  • garden scenery;
  • metallic flower vases;
  • pillar boxes;
  • newspaper holders;
  • metal plates for door locks;
  • weathercocks;
  • metallic house numbers;
  • socket columns

Stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, acrylic or crashworthy glass, are the predominant materials in the lighting fixtures manufacturing . Special enamels, resistant to the aggressive substances, are used during the colouring of the items. The enamel colour can be dark brown, silvery, silvery-and-black or anthracitic-and-black. The luminaires surprise pleasantly by the variety of forms – there is a rapid shift from the artsy classical lamps to the laconic geometrical figures.

Albert Leuchten’s assortment helps to fill up the space around the house with the beautiful and convenient necessary things, that you can’t go a day without. Also, company allows the designers and architects to draw a glowing line in their project designs, offering the huge range of its light fixtures. Albert Leuchten staff will provide each customer with exhaustive information about the technical capabilities of each lighting device and will help to consider all the peculiarities while planning of the lighting installations.

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Bollard lamps, Pole lamps

Pedestal lamps

Lamps with movement detector

Socket columns

Ceiling lamps


In-ground luminaires

House number lamps

Letter-boxes, Newspaperholders

To request the best price for the goods

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