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The non-standard creative ideas have become the hallmark of the company Album.

In 1970, the company began to produce lamps in the Art Nouveau style. In production of the entire Album’s range of light fixtures only natural materials are used: terracotta clay, brass, borosilicate glass. Artists and designers draw from the environment their inspiration to create amazing fixtures. Natural phenomena, deep space, or some very usual things - everything takes on a new meaning.

The lamps of Album are real masterpieces that can change your perception of ordinary items.



Album: suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, recessed lamps, spotlights, lighting systems, mirrors

The table lamp “Tonic” looks very extraordinary. The housing is shaped like a glass bottle with the light bulb located inside. Optional, the lamp can be filled with non colored or colored liquid. The bedside lamp «Tactic» that comes in the shape of a vintage hourglass is distinguished by its originality.

The lighting system “Orbite” was inspired by spice structure. It creates the illusion of an open space with "spacecrafts" in all shapes and colors floating in weightlessness, from opaque milky-white to rich dark blue.

The recessed ceiling lamps “Pasticcini” correspond rather closely to the “Orbite” collection. These lights available in different shapes would turn your ceiling into a starry sky. Professional designers prefer to use fixtures of Album, because it is possible to adjust each item individually, as well as to combine the lights putting them where it’s needed. These lights can be used to divide room space in order to emphasise functional zones. The combination of rational creativity with new technologies can significantly save energy.

The traditional collections of Album are featured with low-voltage halogen lamps. The efficiency of the halogen light fixtures is much higher as compared to the old-fashioned light bulbs. The LED that is used as light source in new collections consume five to ten times less energy, and have a much higher life expectancy – up to 40 times that of conventional lamps. There are different lighting options available to consumers: suspended, wall-mounted, built-in, overhead, mirror, outdoor, table and floor lights.

This wide range of lighting bodies available in numerous models enables designers to present their creative thinking and suggest a lot of options that would create an environment according to the preferences of a customer. At the same time it is a very effective method in terms of architectural interaction that allows defining different space zones with various lighting intensity. In large public premises like shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls these light fixtures can be used presenting very attractive design solutions.

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Suspension lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

Table lamps

Recessed lamps, spotlights

Lighting systems

Outdoor lighting


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