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Aldo Bernardi

For thirty years Aldo Bernardi is involved in production of original contemporary fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting. During its existence the company has managed to create a recognizable style and to win fame in the world, successfully combining craft traditions of manual processing with new technological methods. Ceramic and brass lighting fixtures and wonderful accessories are amazingly beautiful and meet the requirements of modernity and practicality, making the company's products unique and most popular.
Throughout its period of existence the company managed to take a big qualitative and quantitative leap forward by production of luminaires, home accessories and wiring systems styled according to markets demands.

The original street lamps made from colored porcelain and aged copper can transform even a routine landscape, forcing the client to re-evaluate the company's products.


Aldo Bernardi

Aldo Bernardi: indoor and outdoor lighting, garden gazebos

Aldo Bernardi managed to create a unique concept of wiring in an antique style, which enables to connect any lighting fixture from the company collection. Aldo Bernardi filled this concept with a variety of devices, represented by insulators, antique wall switches, plugs, couplings, etc.

The company has worked and continues to work on improving its own unique style, free from conventions of the ever-changing fashion. The company`s products are recognizable and popular on the market of lighting and accessories.

Successfully carrying out tasks of improving its own style, the company endeavours to extend the product range and increase manufacturing output of certified products, combining tradition and implementing technological innovations.

Quality policy and strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the continuous improvement of performance management system combined with periodic inspections enable the company to achieve its goals, the main of which is the improvement of the original style. As before the primary objective of the company is the high quality of products and services. This is only possible thanks to the careful production planning and effective use of technological resources.

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Suspension and Ceiling lamps (Indoor lighting)

Wall lamps (Indoor lighting)

Floor lamps (Indoor lighting)

Downlights (Indoor lighting)

Suspension and Ceiling lamps (Outdoor lighting)

Wall lamps (Outdoor lighting)

Post lamps, Bollard lamps, Pedestal lamps (Outdoor lighting)

Lighting structures, Floor lamps (Outdoor lighting)

garden gazebos

Surface wiring system (Switches, sockets, accessories)

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