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Alma Light

Alma Light: chandeliers, ceiling and wall lighting fixtures, floor and table lamps and outdoor lighting

Laconical forms, monochromatic color scheme, the absence of bombastic decorations – all these qualities attract to Alma Light lighting fixtures everybody, who appreciate the sophistication and originality. Each model is designed by Spanish designers in such a way, that not to overload the interior visually, but to emphasize its style. The excellent light quality is achieved owing to the use of innovative materials and technologies, the range of which is the authorial.

Alma Light

Alma Light: люстры, потолочные и настенные светильники, торшеры, настольные лампы, внешнее освещение

Founded in the early 2000s in Barcelona, Alma Light Company successfully competes with world-famous manufacturers of lighting fixtures. The company achieved such fabulous success owing to the correctly chosen strategy: unstoppable search for new design ideas, in accordance to the contemporary interior design concepts and excellent quality.

The types of Alma Light lighting devices

Considering the consumers needs, the manufacturer frequently introduces new original models in the assortment, but all of them are inalterably designed in the same uncluttered style. Such approach makes it possible to design the premises with different fixtures, which, in spite of the external differences, look logically and harmoniously together. This is especially important when it is refers to the zoned space design that involves the use of different types of lighting. All brand’s collections consist of the following lighting textures:

  • chandeliers and ceiling lamps;
  • built-in lighting;
  • wall lamps, brackets;
  • floor lamps, torchieres;
  • table and bedside lamps;
  • external lighting.

By virtue of the refined image laconicalness, all lamps perfectly fit in the interiors and are designed in the style of modern and hi-tech, minimalism or eclecticism. The designers amusedly use them while the designing of residential houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and offices. Especially popular is lamp collection Double, which consists of 12, 19 or 37 balls of glass and Drop, which posturize well-disposed construction of the drop-shaped bulbs.

External lighting of Ligh Alma is represented by several types of columns that are intended for the placement along the walkways, around patios and rest areas, and also by LED-stones, created for the highlighting of the landscape design elements. They are not just functional, but surprisingly aesthetic as well. In addition, an important advantage of all of lighting devices is their efficiency and compliance with environmental standards.

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