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There are products which not only brighten a room, but also one's frame of mind and prevent us from continually hitting our heads against a wall; or from viewing the world in tones of grey; which give us orientation and a sense of comfort; which stimulate the brain or calm one down; which enlarge a room or achieve a more intimate atmosphere; which put one in a good humor or make one nervous. Shouldn't we approach such products with respect and diligence? Sources of light – in other words lamps of all kinds, are the most rudimentary elements of our interior decoration. This is also the leading principle of ANTA, our small but fine lamp factory. We are proud that we rank among the best manufacturers in Europe.

What is special about ANTA lamps? Simply: Good light, form and quality. They are from the drawing boards of top designers – each lamp in the collection speaks for itself. At ANTA the designs are specifically selected (Gertrud Kracht, the woman behind ANTA, has an infallible sense for quality; and this is known by the designers with whom she enjoys a friendly relationship) then produced with great precision, and finally purchased by people who know the meaning of quality. The diversity – as you can see in this catalogue – is not lessened in any way. The minimalist finds the right lamp for his table or desk; as also someone who prefers less stringent forms.

Certainly, however, the lamps of this diverse collection have something in common: First-class design reduced to the most essential lines, comforting light, finest materials, best workmanship. And yet another important feature: An ANTA lamp is also an ornament, even while it is not switched on during the daylight hours.

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