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Azuliber - spanish ceramic tiles

High-grade raw material and uncommon decoration stylistics make the products of Azuliber impeccable in both quality and appearance. Distinctive Spanish flavor, light oriental flair, the colors, which are typical for Mediterranean, set ceramic tile and ceramic granite apart. Developing the collections, the manufacturer has taken into account all the nuances of the use, thanks to what any room or outdoor area can get original design.

Azuliber – ceramic tiles for the peculiar design

For more than 40 years the Spanish factory Azuliber surprises its buyers around the world with amazing beauty and excellent quality of the products. Dozens of collections, hundreds of color variations make sure that the catalogue inevitably contains the ultimate solutions for the decoration of the interiors of any styles. Kitchens and bathrooms, entries and living areas, pools and hallways, patios and relaxation areas – everywhere the ceramic granite and tile are not only the ornaments, but also highly functional coatings.

In the production the manufacturer uses only high-grade raw materials that are thoroughly tested for the compliance with environmental requirements. Used technologies represent the symbiosis of traditions of the Spanish ceramists and modern know-how. In addition, the factory always pay attention to the improvement of performance parameters, bringing them to the perfection. In reference to the external ones, they are invariably delightful in each collection.

  • Zebrino. A contrastive palette of dark and light gray. Tiles are made in 3 variations: smooth glossy surface with longitudinal lines, embossed surface with the same lines and tile with textured mosaic pattern. The tiles are suitable for small and medium size spaces, which need cool colors and visual enlargement of the space. Thay are supplemented by similar in tone porcelain tiles for the floor. 
  • Gloss. Fresh pastel tints in 6 shades, specially created for bathrooms. The collection is distinguished by decorations in the form of elements, characteristic of these rooms. The tiles' texture – thin longitudinal stripes on the glossy surface. The series are complemented by panels and mosaics. 
  • Niagara. The collection is presented in 2 shades (gray and brown), but absolutely does not lose its attractive force because of this. Its pronounced relief, which imitates dense clutch of thin stone plates, draws attention to the surface and resembles slice of rock that are magically transported into the room.
  • Cordova. The Spirit of the East. Its magic and charm are felt while your first glance at the collection. Warm pleasant tones. Luxury panels and stone mosaics – all this demonstrates the greatness of the Oriental culture, looks with dignity and nobility. 
  • Trevi. The original collection, which transmisses the style of winding cobbled Roman streets. It is designed for outdoor installation. Also it has relief surface and is complemented by decorative panel – rosetone.

Ceramic tiles from Azuliber - limitless design possibilities.


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