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Badari lighting

Since the 1956 our company is specialized in antique chandelier reproduction. The style knowledge is the primary thing to obtain, from the past, items that can be considered modern, but at the same time, right for the modern society. All this means that our chandeliers must be practical and functional to get the unique taste of the antique models from which our production take life.

Badari lighting

Badari lighting: chandeliers, lanterns, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, decor accessories

The warm light of the past shines on our products, made by master artisans, and makes the quality crystals, which are made (by masters) in Bohemia for centuries, shine. Thus illuminating the bronze that our foundries made exclusively for you.
In our assortment you will find a large collection of accessories for illumination, from high quality bronze and crystal lighting fixture to lanterns with polished or hand curved glass are testimonials of the over 40 years of labor, research and study, employed by two generations who did, and still are, guiding the company now known all over the world.

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小handeliers, Lanterns, Pendant lamps

Wall lamps

Table lamps

Floor lamps

Decor accessories

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