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Bagno Piu

Bagno Piu - Upmarket bathroom furniture

In the translation from the Italian Bagno Piu means "more than just the bathroom". And indeed, the brand's furniture confirms the truth, which claims that there are no perfection limits. Each element of the room is a symbol of elegance and luxury, peculiar, perhaps, to the royal bowers. Gilding and filigreed carving, the combination of marble and wood and eclectic accessories give the room a noble sophisticated look, completely changing its usual perception.

Bagno Piu – the collections for modern and classical interiors

For more than 25 years the products of this Italian manufacturer bend the connoisseurs of the beauty in dozens of countries. Bathroom furniture and accessories, which have not only delightful images, but also actual present-time relevance, attract attention and allow to create both luxurious and functional interiors. All elements (tables, consoles, chestsof drawers, tables, mirrors, faucets, lamps, hangers) are thought-out both externally and internally. So that it is pleasant to look at them and use as well.

The dominant materials are natural wood of valuable species, marble and different types of stone, brass and glass. The decoration with carving and gilding brings the models' perception to the perfectionist's, when a glance does not find the slightest flaw.

The collections of Bagno Piu are suitable for many interior styles, but the main ones are art-deco, classics, provence and modern.

Each collection of Bagno Piu is a delight and pleasure.

  • Versailles. The embodiment of the Italian style. Noble wood with Venetian patination, brass and gliding, crystal insertions, marble of the countertops, ornamental framing of the mirrors.
  • Tiffany. Soft rounded shape. The tenderness and femininity of the style. Warm shade of walnut, patinated gliding, exquisite antique decoration of the accessories. The collection is complemented by a floor lamp in the form of graceful female silhouette.
  • Armonie. The harmony of the form and content. The depth and richness of Brazilian tulip tree, which creates the atmosphere of appeasement.
  • Royale. The nobility and solemnity. Fine wood, gilding and patina, leather panels of the facades and the countertop, made of yellow onyx.
  • Rialto. Current trend image. The simplicity and conciseness of lines in combination with the roundness of the facades. White ceramic countertop in combination of blue, purple gloss of the doors. Suspended wardrobe with halogen lighting and mirrored surface.
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