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Baker Furniture

The history of the prosperity of a world-famous company Baker Furniture started in long-ago eighties of the nineteenth century, when an up-and-coming Dutch emigrant Siebe Beaker set up a small furniture manufactory which produced home furniture.
Emigrant’s creditable efficiency and diligence let his son get an education in one of the European universities, and continue father's work successfully.

Baker Furniture


Baker Furniture: Lighting, Mirrors, Accessories


While staying in Europe, Hollis was actively engaged in buying up of antique furniture, visiting the fashion saloons’ exhibitions with exquisite furniture. He managed to export the best examples of European furniture of that epoch, laying the foundation of the legendary furniture collection presented in the museum of the company, which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

An allegation of father’s and son’s talents and, in addition, unique collection presented by highly artistic European furniture instances, became a solid foundation of the company's prosperity.

Carrying on the traditions of the company’s founders, company’s designers visit modern exhibitions and furniture saloons, bringing ageless antiques for the museum and new ideas for the production. A commitment to style and quality principles gives the company an opportunity to create new trends, guided by brave design findings and solutions.
The peculiarity of the contemporary design solutions is the idea of creating a unifying living space, where the comfort and coziness is dominant, creating the owner’s sense of comfort and coziness.

Furniture, which is designed by authors and produced by efforts of first-class masters, turns into marvelous creations of furniture art, which does not let get tired admiring it, and the use of carving, gilding and inlays, undoubtedly, makes it out of competition.
In furniture producing, which deserves the highest praise, the cabinetmakers’ manual labor is still used that indicates its high quality, remaining unchanged since the time of company’s foundation.

Buyers are attracted by an interesting art mix of rare and exotic wood species with exquisite decorative items and exclusive accessories that in the skillful hands of the masters with the help of modern technologies turn into unfeigned works of art.

Impeccable quality and design skills raised the Baker Furniture Rank in the class of timeless values that have received recognition throughout the world.

By a recognition of connoisseurs, with an ulterior motive the world-renowned manufacturer of American furniture Baker today rightly become the leading brand of luxury furniture with individual unique design and the highest execution quality.

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