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Baldocer’s items are used for in- and external works. The company produces ceramic tile for walls, floors and for the application in the landscape design. Luxury range of goods allows to choose the specimens of classic and avant-garde style, with laconic pattern or eye-catching decorations. Besides the high aesthetic qualities, tiles have commercially viable prices, as its production is focused on the mass consumer.



Baldocer: decorative ceramic tiles

Fidelity to the traditions, original style and excellent ceramics quality - these are the main distinctive features of the Spanish brand Baldocer. This ceramic tiles production factory was set up in 1994 and still works in the direction of the development of manufacturing technology of the ceramic tiles. Baldocer constantly expands its product range: more than 20 new items appear in the catalogue annually. In the conjunction with the global economy, factory experiences ups and downs, but the determined reorganization of the complete replacement of managerial staff, that was carried out in 2006, and the attracting of foreign investors, gave a stunning result.

Active search for innovative production ways, new talented marketing policy, excellent quality – these are «three elephants», which hold the company's advancement, and in virtue of which, brand intensively earn a place in the sun – not only in Spanish, but in the international level too.

Now factory possesses warehouses, which occupy an area of more than 100 square meters. Moreover, three years ago the company built enclosed compartments for the storage of the products with overall area of 45 thousand. sq.m.. Such scopes allows to store tiles under appropriate standards conditions, and also to supply items in the tightest deadlines. Technology development would be impossible without the production modernization. The company buys and installs equipment: new kiln for the manufacture of the porcelain tiles of substandard sizes allows to increase efficiency and expand the assortment. Traditional production of tiles, made from red clay, has found its continuation in the production of new collections and series – with original design and new formats.

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