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Bellart: pendant, ceiling and wall lamps, bedside and table lamps, floor lamps, mirrors, tables

Bellart lamps are not just the lighting, but the illumination, which gets the living space alight and makes it shine blindingly bright. This is another light – the light of exquisite luxury, the synthesis of new trends and purity of the traditions, what is displayed in the title of each collection. All lamps have extraordinary grace and delicacy. Even large in size, they look simply and exquisite, charming and enrapturing each client.

Being based in not so very distant 1985, an Italian company Bellart is already known in dozens of countries. The lighting fixtures, which are manufactured here, are surprisingly harmonious. In them the geometry is combined with floristry and traditional aesthetics with a new vision of artistic styles. This is luxury and moderation at the same time. Moreover, they perfectly fit both in classic and high-tech interiors. Bellart lamps also look perfectly in glamour and art-deco sceneries.

Bellart collections – sensuous aesthetics and the purity of Italian traditions.

Each brand’s product is the figment of the talented designers’ imagination, who strive to reveal the magic of the light to the full. Therefore, lamps, created by them, carry particular meaning. They don't just illuminate the space, but fill it with life-giving energy of fire and sun. In addition, each collection has its own concept, manifested in certain style.

  • Pyre Luxury (pure luxury). Unconventional images and exotic subjects. The lamps, included in this collection, convey the beauty of the seascapes with their bizarre plants and graceful inhabitants. Also ephemeral fantasia in the form of the peacock feathers or the experiments with ease of light, based on the circle geometry occurs here. However, the acme of perfection is considered to be the modular composition "Alaska", consisting of diamond-shaped fragments, covered with sparkling red and white crystals.
  • Pyre Trends (the pure trend). Refined combinations of new shapes and Italian refinement. The collection’s feature is the use of wrought elements, whose flowing lines become a basis for the lamp shades, made of weightless organza and decoration in the form of "tears" or beads of Swarovski crystals. Soft contrasts and smoky shades counterbalance unusual proportions and design configurations. All lamps are made of materials of different textures, but have the harmonious finished appearance.
  • Pyre Traditions (pure tradition). Artistic connotation and unique natural shadow-figures of real flowers give the delicacy and charm to the lamps of this collection. In them the fragility of the delicate petals is conveyed with the help of the glass, and the stems bends are displayed owing to the elegantly curved bases. However, the designers invest such a profound idea into the notion "light", that they see it in music, poetry, which have became the basis of the creation of a lamps series "Poem".

Bellart lighting fixtures are the inspiration and creativity, generously presented to the world.

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