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Bemarsa: natural Spanish marble

What can be nobler than natural marble. In the past, luxurious palaces and representative buildings were decorated exactly with it. This trend remained unchanged with the course of time. Nowadays marble also is a favorite material of architects and designers, who work on the projects of villas and apartments, fashionable hotels and restaurants, museums and galleries. The natural Spanish marble Bemarsa is a complete production cycle from extraction in the company's quarries to the manufacture of decorative plates for the finishing of walls, floors, countertops, window sills, stairs, fountains and sculptures. A varied palette of shades allows to create masterpiece products made of marble.



Bemarsa: natural Spanish marble 


Among the companies, involved in the marble quarry development and production of finished items, Bemarsa is considered to be relatively young but successful brand. Founded in 1984, it, nevertheless, stolen leadership on the market of famous Italians and Israelis, taking its rightful place. Not the last role was played by the various shades of marble, excavated in the famous quarries Light Emperador, Crema Marfil, Rojo España, Beige Serpiente, Beige Balear and, Dark Emperador, Amarillo Alicante. The stone, quarried in them, has amazing colors from milky cream to wine red and smoky black.

Bemarsa – products of natural marble for luxurious interiors

The number of admirers of this noble and durable material is growing each day. It is used for the creation of different sculptures, floor and wall coverings, baths and hamams finishings, for the production of tabletops for kitchen tables and bathrooms. Staircases and fireplaces, bar counters and window sills are decorated with its help. Bemarsa is the company, which owns automated production and offers its costumers an extensive range of products for the finishing.

The factory constantly modernizes its lines, applies new technologies. This improves the quality of the marble, or more precisely, the technical parameters such as weight, hardness, installation features. Among its own innovative developments - the product that consists of 2 sheets of marble with reduced thickness, that are hurled together with special resins, which have high adhesiveness and ability of penetration into the material. The finished plate has high strength and, virtually, there is no risk of any mechanical damages.

Among the materials, which Bemarsa is proud for, there is natural alabaster. This decorative stone has a translucent structure and is used for the production of exquisite sculptures. However, taking high light conductivity into account, the company has mastered the production of fragments, made of alabaster and used instead of glass for tabletops and doors.

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To request the best price for the goods

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