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Bert Frank items are designed to oppose the throw away culture we live in today and are built to last at least as long as you will. During this time they will age and mature with you. The brass will soften and darken (unless you don't want it to and treat it to a little polish) and any knocks or scratches it may pick up over the years will add to its story. That's how we see them anyway, if you don't, you can always book them in for a recondition session.

At Bert Frank we take a huge amount of pride in designing and manufacturing our products in house in the UK to the highest possible standard. We don't cut corners and we don't sacrifice on quality to reduce costs and therefore we hope that our products will be a joy to own and use.

We are proud to be welcoming our third season of designs into the Bert Frank family and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. This seasons inspiration remains faithfully from the mid-century and the metals iconic of this industrial era. Our current obsession with brass is the strong influence in our new family members and this along with our value and passion for producing “properly” made items from the finest materials and processes, gives us great pleasure to present a range of lighting that will last and age with you.

We love our lights just the way they are but we fully appreciate that sometimes you may need a bit of customisation to suit your requirements. This could be altering a colour, a metal finish, or even scale to perfectly fit your current project. We can even take it a step further and create fully bespoke items for you, this can be from an idea or sketch you have or a product we design specifically to your brief. Whether we are producing a totally unique one of a kind piece or providing a complete hotel installation, you can be assured they will be crafted to the same exacting standards that all Bert Frank items are subjected to.

At Bert Frank the choice of materials and the way we use them is an intrinsic part of the design process, because not only do our products have to look right, they have to function perfectly and stand the test of time. We stick to using highly machined solid metal blocks for our lamp bases, our rise and fall weight is meticulously turned from a single billet of brass and using a combination of cutting edge technology and old school manufacturing methods, you won’t find anything as reassuring as touching a Bert Frank light. Currently we are going through a love affair with brass, which is lucky for us as it is an extremely versatile material in terms of manufacturing, but the real key is its versatility in its finish. All of our brass finished lights (unless stated otherwise) are hand finished aged brass, this creates a modern edge to it that sits well in today’s interiors but still has that little doth of the cap to the bygone era that inspired these creations.

Designed in our studio in Chiswick, London and produced in the factory in Birmingham, all Bert Frank lights are born and bred in the UK. We keep the manufacturing in the UK as much out of necessity as of choice. We don’t believe that there are many places in the world that have such a rich history of high quality manufacturing and the highly skilled labour force to produce items to the standards that we require. We also love the fact that our lights are British and are supporting British manufacturing.

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