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Сompany Bisazza, engaged in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration, was founded in Northern Italy in 1957. Entrepreneurial excitement and trailblazers’ spirit quickly led the company to the level of the world brands in the field of design, filling the world market with qualitative Italian mirrors, shimmering with rainbow colors mosaic, ceramic and glass tiles. Creating of the highest class products enabled the company to enter into the Altagamma association, which provides support for the famous Italian luxury brands.




Bisazza: mosaic, ceramic and glass tiles, mirrors, items for bathrooms


A perennial fruitful co-operation with the leading architecture, design and art of fashion masters let company create a collection of luxury furniture and accessories for home interior, that was decorated with the most exquisite materials and glass mosaic. In a several years a subsidiary company Bisazza Bagno, that started producing collections for bathrooms and operated successfully, was set up. Becoming the continuation of the brand Bisazza, the company was engaged in the releasing of goods for the hotel industry and private customers. With the help of the eponymous fund,  Bisazza successfully mastered a new cultural space, by participating in a constant expositions of contemporary design and architecture.

The glass mosaic continued the traditions of the Venetian mosaic craftsmen, taking the developments of the Italian glassblowers’ applied art as a basis, and with their help, managed to diversify the range of colors, shape and improve the technical characteristics of glass mosaic. The implementation of modern production achievements, new design solutions in combination with the best traditions of the ancient masters and use of the secrets of ancient techniques, revealed an estimable product to the world.

Company manufactures its products on the basis of aventurine, using semiprecious smalt stone, Venetian glass, silver and gold. It is not secret, that the company's products are the benchmark of high quality, durability and strength, resistance to temperature variations, and what’s more – preservation of the aesthetic appeal and beauty. You should not forget, that the flexible pricing policy makes the company’s products for the majority of users, who aspire to bring their dreams of an extraordinary interior to life, gladdening with unique style and luxury. The highly artistic characteristics allow the Italian mosaic masters to create paintings and panels, giving the interior a unique space soleness, gladdenning hearts with the magnificence and luxury of mosaic compositions.

In spite of practicality, simplicity and ease of use, Bisazza’s glass mosaic has become sophisticated finishing adornment. The company’s collection is regularly updated with new masterpieces, which are corresponding to the fashion trends of our time, and advise the potential customers to use elegant decorative material for decoration of their dwellings.

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