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Bpe: LICHT: illuminated mirrors, luminary for mirrors, built-in lights, lineal lighting

Visual aesthetics and ease of the construction with maximum functionality – exactly so all lighting fixtures, manufactured by the German manufacturer Bpe: LICHT, can be described. Aimed for the use in different conditions, they are distinct in substandard design approach and reliability, what absolutely does not preclude stylish laconic design. Therefore, the majority of lighting fixtures are supposed to work in "smart house" system, that’s why they are equipped with special devices that are controlled remotely.

Founded in 2008, initially German company Bpe: LICHT was focused on high-technological production of different lighting fixtures. Engineers and designers, who work here, create the unique systems aimed for individual connection and as an element of "smart house" system as well. For this, special digital cards, responsive to sound or light signals, admissive manual or programmed adjustment, were integrated into them.

Bpe: LICHT – innovative illuminators and mirrors for contemporary interiors.

The modern equipment, precluding the intervention of the human factor is used in the production of photodiode and LED-elements. Owing to this, each working stage, including packaging, is performed with German precision. Manual labor is used just during the creation of steel structures, which require the craftsmen’s skills of filigree soldering or forging with subsequent decorative coatings. All products are 100% matches the supplied parameters.

Taking various operational conditions into account, the manufacturer produces illuminated mirrors, lamps for mirrors, built-in lamps for bathrooms, SPA areas and swimming pools. These models have laconic design, peculiar to Bpe: LICHT, but functionally meet the requirements for electrical equipment, which operates in the environment with high humidity.

Bpe: LICHT lighting fixtures are popular among the designers of Europe and USA. They are used for the interiors decoration of houses and apartments, hotels, restaurants, SPA-centers, beauty salons. Being visually unobtrusive, these lamps and mirrors delicately emphasize the interior glamour, advantageously illuminating entire space or its part. The lamps from Bpe: LICHT are perfect for modern minimalist interior styles.

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