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Busatto Mobili


This is a story of words and fragrance, where the secrets of woodworking have been passed down from father to son. A story where craft never has been completely replaced by technology and, above all, where passion never has been diminished by innovation.

Busatto Mobili


Busatto Mobili: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, study rooms, mirrors, armchairs, chairs, tables, chests of drawers, showcases, bookcases


This is a story that begins in a land where working with wood is an ancient skill and continues in an establishment where making furniture is a modern art. A story where there is time for every phase of the work, with no rush to arrive punctually for the appointment with beauty. This is a story that began in Bassano del Grappa in 1976 and that, today, continues to be told.


There are houses that are inhabited and houses that are lived in. Selecting a piece of Busatto furniture means more than merely furnishing a house: it means picturing something unique and exclusive, appreciating it made, being able to admire it every day, living with it and sharing it. Opting for a Busatto design means transforming a house into a home that reflects a true lifestyle. This is the only way that beauty comes alive, that the normal becomes exceptional and that the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Original designs from the Busatto technical department and the family’s 30 years of experience tie the craft with the contemporary in pieces that are exclusive and unique. Carefully chosen raw materials are worked with care,down to the most minimal detail, to guarantee lasting quality, never forgetting that, since wood is a living substance, its imperfections always will be part of its natural beauty. Our warehouse of finished products, ready for assembly and finishing, guarantees rapid delivery times, in line with the time it takes to produce furniture that is made to measure. The finishing process involves 15 manual applications with stains and water-based colors. This process brings out the natural texture of the wood and creates color variations that add to the value of the piece.


Behind every design, there is manual labor: an approach strongly based on craftsmanship to produce wood furniture that reflects the image and lifestyle of those who live with it, carved and inlaid to elegantly enhance every home. If passion for finishing and details is the strong point of every single design, dedication to quality and absolute perfection are the hallmarks of BusattoMobili – a brand that knows the real meaning of the word excellence.

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Living rooms, Dining rooms, Bedrooms

Study rooms


armchairs, chairs

Chests of drawers, Showcases, Bookcases

Furniture for bathrooms

Boiseries and Ceiling panels

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