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A company, an unmistakable style, the ancient Italian tradition lives again in a refined and luxurious line of furniture. These are the elements that distinguish Cavio and its art of interpreting a classical taste, a crafts art inspired by the world of great Venice, in a very special and entirely new way, that expresses culture and elegance through highly prestigious materials. A taste for timeless beauty to create shapes that can charm with their day-to-day beauty, their feel for harmony and a deep love for furniture in all its manifold faces, a passion that lives in carefully selected and rare woods, that marks this company’s profile, a style that exalts the made in Italy. Cavio proposes luxurious settings that express history and elegance, a refined taste and prestige in furnishing sleeping and living rooms, but also express sobriety and daily comfort. The delight and elegance of Italian Dolce Vita take life in furniture complements that create a cosy atmosphere, that makes us breathe the pleasure of a top-class furnished room that makes us feel welcome home.



Cavio: furniture, beds, wardrobes, mirrors, tables, sofas, lighting


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Sofas, armchairs, chairs

Commodes, Sideboards, Wardrobes, TV units

Showcases, bookcases




To request the best price for the goods

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