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Ceramiche Cisa

Ceramiche Cisa: aesthetic and functional Italian porcelain stoneware and tile

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware can have absolutely unaccustomed form, different from the stereotypical. Everyone, who chooses Ceramiche Cisa products, becomes completely ascertain in this. It strikingly differ from the common understanding of the interior finishing materials, imitating all kinds of natural stone, different kinds of wood, corresponds to dozens of styles. The floors and walls, decorated by using such porcelain stoneware or tiles, represent the original concept, which does not require any additional decorations.


Ceramiche Cisa

Ceramiche Cisa: ceramic tiles from Italy. Vintage, Valstein, Royal Marble, Liberty, Evoluzine, Boheme



Founded in 1954, the Italian factory Ceramiche Cisa manufactures porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles made of red and white clay with several firing circuits. This allows the manufacturer to get the products of different textures, shapes and numerous of colors. However, the tiles, that imitate natural materials like stone, wood and their combinations, are believed to be the real pride of the craftsmen. Herewith, ceramics unalterably preserve the reliability and strength of each fragment.

Ceramiche Cisa - porcelain stoneware and tile collections for luxury interiors.

The factory conducts a serious research work, the purpose of which is the creation of a new product samples and its compliance with the customer demand as well. That’s why each new collection is a direct hit in the top-ten of consumer preferences and commercial success.

  • Vintage. Represents tile that imitate parquet boards, different sizes which are used to create all possible patterns. It is manufactured in 6 shades of natural wood. Unlike its prototype, the porcelain tile will last much longer, constantly maintaining a beautiful look.
  • Valstein. The plates from the collection, which have rather large dimensions, intended for floors. They recreate the perfect marble surface that transmits chatoyment of precious stones. They are manufactured and available in 4 tints. Anti-slip structured surface is particularly pleasant for legs.
  • Royal Marble. Available in a 50x50 tiles with different shades of natural marble. The collections’ distinction is the ability to minimize the visual seams, arising because of coating, and create, virtually, complete surface.
  • Liberty. Excellent coverage for wall and floor, designed in a classical style. Soft pastel colors, exquisite pattern of decorative fragments create the atmosphere of noble luxury in antique aristocratic houses.
  • Evoluzine. The collection harmoniously combines traditions and fashion tendencies. The coverage, imitating all kinds of natural stone, is complemented by original volume graphics. Surface, which is finished with such tile, revives and becomes textured. Spectacular pictures are created with metallic glazes, which come through 3 burning stages. The manufacturer offers 6 color options, 4 sizes, 3 types of structures and specially designed shallow decorations. The combination of these elements makes it possible to create unique interior concept.
  • Boheme. Glamorous and amazing collection of porcelain stoneware, which combines the simulation of concrete and wood. It has a kind of brutal appeareance, perfectly suited to the loft and avant-garde styles.
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collection - VINTAGE

collection - JURASSIC

collection - XILEMA

collection - AVORI IMPERIALI

collection - SLATE

collection - BOHEME

collection - ROYAL MARBLE

collection - MYWOOD

collection - MATERIA

collection - CEMENTO MODERNO

collection - NUANCES

collection - PAPIER

collection - MONDRIAN

collection - RELOAD

collection - LE MARNE

collection - LIBERTY

collection - CONTOURS

collection - EVOLUZIONE

collection - SKYLAB

collection - VALSTEIN

collection - PORFIDO

collection - EXAGON

collection - MODULA

collection - GEOLITE

collection - NEPTUNE

collection - LODEN

collection - UME

collection - CONCRETA

collection - METAL NET

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