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Ceramiche Coem

Ceramiche Coem: ceramic granite and floor tiles of premium quality.

The specialists of the company Coem confidently say about the exclusivity of the produced materials. And, actually, it is true. Granite tiles are made with the help of the equipment, which is the know-how for Coem’s engineers. Owing to the results of unstoppable researches, which are carried out here, granite tiles completely imitate different types of natural stone or wood. The designers, who work upon the collections, use the elements of various artistic styles – antique, classicism, modernism, cubism, hi-tech.


Ceramiche Coem

Ceramiche Coem: ceramic granite and floor tiles of premium quality.


Founded in 1972, the factory Coem specialized in the production of semi-finished ceramic products. Further on, the range of manufactured items was expanded with wall and floor tiles and double-fired ceramic made of white clay. Now the company is focused on the production of glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles for the decoration of various interiors, and also on the single-firing floor tiles for interiors, pools and terraces.

Ceramiche Coem is a collection of porcelain granite and tiles for harmonious interiors

The range of Coem’s products amazes with its diversity. The manufacturer constantly new collections into the assortment and improves the previously proposed, updates the style of tiles and porcelain granite. Rich color palette, all sorts of textures and illustrations, dozens of sizes – all this is constantly adjusted with a glance to the changing of customers’ demand, so that each collection inevitably gets the success.

  • Signum. Demonstrates the beauty of the shear fracture of various kinds of wood. Tiles with accuracy simulate Nordic oak restraint and the sun's heat of the southern palisanderwood as well. Herewith, the surface is as soft as genuine wood even to the touch. The shades and color transitions, which are peculiar to a particular type of wood, are harmoniously transmitted in the collection. Floors or walls, covered with such porcelain granite look like they're covered with boards. The collection is complemented with special decorations and mosaics, making the last contribution in the created image.
  • Sequoia. Simulates natural stone of different colors. It is featured by soft tones of granite, on which surface it is possible to notice visible cracks. It is released in 6 sizes, allowing you to create many configurations in premises of various sizes. The collection is complemented with bright decorative elements for the creation of color accents.
  • T. U. It is a collection in the style of high-tech, which is characterized by color and dimensional tile contrasts. Such granite will be ideal for the embodiment of bold design solutions and for the creation of individual image.
  • Pietra Splendente. This collection conveys the brilliance and shine of natural stone of different shades. Each tile beams with energy and fills the space with soft light, what is a characteristic of natural materials. The manufacturer managed to recreate harmonious atmosphere of naturalness while producing the porcelain granite, which certainly is transfused to the interior.
  • Granito. It realistically imitates the shear fracture of the granite, showing its elegance in several shades from shining snow-white to gloomy dark-grey. Surface, decorated with this tile, looks luxuriously and impressively. Also, glossy and matte versions of porcelain stoneware are available in the collection.



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