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Spain is sunny country, engorged with colors, which culture has been formed because of the influence of different ethnic traditions. This manifests in heaping measure in the porcelain granite and tiles Cicogres, where the oriental luxury is appropriately combined with the European restraint. Figures with Arabic style, characteristic colors, imitation of natural stone and wood - all this creates a unique flavor, the atmosphere of the sultry and sensual Spain.



Cicogres: Spanish porcelain granite and wall and floor tiles. 


The production of factory Cicogres is known far beyond the borders of Spain: it is available in 20 countries in Europe, in the USA and the United Arab Emirates. Everywhere it is always deservedly popular. The basis of the company’s success is the development and introduction of new technologies, continuous search for relevant images and original style solutions. Cicogres Ceramic tile and porcelain granite will inevitably attract everyone, who appreciates oriental motifs in the interior and is eager to create the scene, filled with delight and refined luxury.

Cicogres - racy porcelain granite collections, imbued with Spanish sun.

These days the factory produces about 8 million sq. meters of tiles, combined in dozens of collections. However, despite such diversity, they all have one common feature – it seems that bright Spanish sun imprinted on them, filling every piece with warmness and light.

  • Belli. Refined collection, sustained in oriental style and combines yellow, blue, white, brown colors. Due to the special surface treatment technology, they do not look brassily, but on the conversely, very delicately. Exquisite ornate decoration is the harmonious decoration and corresponds to the east stylistics. Matched color palette sets for relaxation and improves mood. Porcelain granite tiles can be used independently or as a bright accent in the zoned lodgment.
  • Colonial. The tiles partially imitate the wood, which plays the role of the frame, edging each fragment of the picture. Spectacular ornaments and original patterns correspond to the Moroccan style. The floors, which are decorated with such granite, become independent decorative element of the room and create the atmosphere, rich in warmness.
  • Firenze. It is an original collection of porcelain stoneware, designed for floor coverings. Each plate consists of multi-colored and diversified squares. Folded nearby, they create the illusion of extraordinary mosaic, the fragments of which surprisingly complement each other, in spite of the difference in color. The collection belongs to the rustic style, suitable for both residential and public places.
  • Istris. The collection is used for designing of premises in ethnic style. It is intended for wall and floor. The plates are decorated in restrained colors, and the accent elements are the decorative panels with rhombic or spiral pattern, corresponding to the main color scheme.
  • Lotto. Porcelain granite finishing refers to the rustic style. The original decoration is a bluish or beige, like burnt out by the time, pattern. Plates look very elegant and unobtrusive, and they recall mysterious East and peace of Provence as well.
  • Siam. Impressive tiles, decorated in shades of chocolate and milk. It has a large format. Each piece is an original composition, edged by a frame.




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