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Established in 1945 by 9 co-founders working in a small carpenter's shop, COCIF today employs over 350 workers in its 80,000-sqm. manufacturing plant at Longiano, a few kilometers from Rimini. Thanks to an impressive annual capacity of 150,000 wooden doors and 100,000 wooden, PVC and aluminum windows, COCIF positions itself at the very top of the market.


Cocif: windows, interior and exteriors doors, sliding doors, sun protection, door and window accessories

These numbers make COCIF the undisputed leader company in the market of wooden doors and windows - in fact it is today the most important company in Italy. Its strength points are the constant search for practical qualities, innovation and style.

Values and Company Mission

1. To operate correctly, coherently, reliably and transparently.
2. To give priority to costumer satisfaction with regard to prices and the quality of products and services.
3. To consider the individual and collective contribution to the working process as an essential element of the overall development of the company, in the conviction that people, with their creativity and commitment, are an important factor in successfully improving the quality of the company's products and services.
4. To aim to achieve a positive economic result and company growth, increasing its economic value and paying for the capital subscribed by the associates.
5. To build a working environment that always focuses on safety, satisfaction and commitment.
6. To contribute to the creation of new employment through financial investments.
7. To sustain the social and cultural development of the region through direct actions and initiatives.
8. To give encouragement and commitment to solidarity.
9. To play an active role in asserting the values and prestige of the social economy.
10. Always, and under any circumstances, to act as a company that has made social responsibility one of its core values.

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Windows, SUN PROTECTION - Collection "Windows"

Exterior doors - Collection "Entrance"

Doors - Collection "Tonino Guerra"

Doors - Collection "Linear"

Doors - Collection "Miti"

Doors - Collection "Hospital Door"

Doors - Collection "Contract"

Doors - Collection "Catalina"

Doors - Collection "Sottsass"

Doors - Collection "Rubicone"

Doors - Collection "Halley"

Doors - Collection "Gae Aulenti"

Doors - Collection "New Ark"

Doors - Collection "Larson"


To request the best price for the goods

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