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Danese introduces its new collection “Light and Space Design Environmental Innovation”. It interprets the values of its historical DNA in a contemporary way. Since its inception in 1957, Danese’s consideration of man and his needs have been primary. Danese has also been a hub for experiments that have generated basic responses to the needs of society and its evolution. Designers such as Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari have been making Italian design history by developing innovative products that are contemporary and timeless interpretations of objects for every day use.

The new products represent the culture of respecting values that are still modern: simplification as research of what is essential, applied intelligence for convenient solutions, attention given to achieve quality surroundings that appeal to the senses and perceptions and sustainability of materials and semantics.

Through value sharing and cultural exchange, Danese offers, with a team of international designers, a new generation of products that allows a different perspective of spaces, creates open sceneries that go beyond any standardization and invites the user to consciously take part in his environment.

The widening of Danese’s collection provides a complete and transversal offer of lights, accessories and furnishing systems that allows the user to totally renovate an environment. The collection embraces lighting options, complements furnishing and offers solutions that are versatile and can be tailor-made for the user so that he is in a position to modify and qualify the environments where he lives or works.

Danese has always adopted a linguistic code that is basic but recognizable on the principle that subtraction and simplicity translate into intelligent expressionistic design and not formalism. Products demonstrate how you can find deepness, richness and value in bare minimum expressions and be fully satisfied by your relationship with the object and the light. Danese therefore unites the principles of quality design and eco- sustainability and makes conscious choices concerning productive, logistical and energetic processes throughout the whole life cycle of the product.

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Suspension lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

Floor lamps

Recessed lamps, Spots, Lighting Systems

Sofas, armchairs, сhairs




To request the best price for the goods

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