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Dialma Brown

Dialma Brown: sofas, armchairs, lounges, chest of drawers, tables, showcases, lamps, wall panels, mirrors, carpets, clocks and various items for decoration.

The harmonious house atmosphere is composed of dozens of small details, each of which need to be logically fitted into the interior concept. The creators of the brand Dialma Brown guide exactly this thought and offer their customers furniture and various accessories, which are able to compose the ensembles of various styles. Designers, who work at the factory, carefully think through the images of future products, so the collections include the items that bring some meaning and can be used as separate elements of the scenery or its part.

Dialma Brown

Dialma Brown: furniture, lighting, mirrors, floor covering, wall panels, decor accessories



Initially, the Dialma Brown factory, opened not far from Venice in 1977, specialized in the production of furniture, but later the range of produced items significantly expanded and was supplemented by lamps, carpets, decorations – all that creates a mood in the premises. The designers, who work here, managed to catch the verge that separates vintage goods from modern ones, so the furniture is successfully used in both classic and avant-garde styles. Here, the delicate Provence quite harmoniously coexists with brutal loft without any prejudice to each other.

Dialma Brown – furniture and decorations for stylish interiors.

Following the consumers’ preferences, the manufacturer offers not just fully-featured sets for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, but separate furniture items as well. Consequently, everyone can create scenery that fully correspond their taste by selecting the tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs, showwindows and dressers, chandeliers and lamps. Each of them differs in style, but all of them are united by some elusive spirit of refined simplicity.

The quality of Dialma Brown products deserves a special mention. It is irreproachable. In the manufacturing the most processes are performed manually, what provides the precise fitting of each element. The furniture is made of wood of different species or special multi-layer plywood, coated with natural veneer. The coating for sofas, armchairs, poufs – is the softest leather or high-class durable fabric. Glass decorations, chandelier lamps indispensably contain inclusions of Murano glass, which Venice is famous for.

Dialma Brown - the products that create a pleasant and peaceful house atmosphere. They look like solid antiquity, but have the latest fashion appearance.

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