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“Light to live with“ – the motto gives a good description of our line of lamps, and has been an essential part of our corporate philosophy since the company was founded back in 1966.

Light brings our environment to life. In interior design, it is an independent element, also referred to as the fourth dimension of a room. DOMUS stands for much more than simple lighting. The function of the lamp is, of course, taken for granted – so our efforts concentrate on the effect it has on the room and the people who live in it. DOMUS lamps have a distinctive quality – their light is pleasantly and soothing – they combine perfect function with the concept of man as the measure of all things.

Be inspired by our lamp collection’s great variety of forms and by the atmosphere they can create. Discover light as an element of interior design, for living and dreaming.

“More Light!” Even if scholars argue whether these actually were Goethe's last words or not: it is no coincidence that this exclamation has found entry into the German treasury of quotations. Light is a basic need, it stands for safety, security and warmth, and it brings our environment to life. Light also plays a crucial role for the way we live in our surroundings. Interior decorators refer to it as the fourth dimension of space. The DOMUS collection is an expression of our passion for light. We do not chase rapidly changing trends, but instead aim to create timeless classics. DOMUS has proven to be a reliable and highly competent partner not only for the design of private residential spaces. Our technical know-how is also in high demand when it comes to developing comprehensive lighting solutions for the commercial sector. Numerous projects in the private and public sector reflect the trust lighting designers and architects all over the world have placed in us. We focus on residential homes, nurseries and hotels: projects with complex technical requirements that stand or fall by the ability to create pleasant and homely lighting conditions. It is these skills that we refer to in the addendum to our company name: “Licht zum Wohnen”, which translates as “Light for Living.”

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