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El Torrent

Company History
In a small workshop in a country house – Can Torrent – in Mieres, a town in the Pre-Pyrenees between Barcelona and France: this is where our company was born in 1997. An inspiring setting in the heart of the countryside produces the most innovative designs – models based on organic and natural shapes, created by Eloy Puig.
Today, Eltorrent is a company that creates and produces interior lamps – all kinds of decorative luminaires which adapt to any space thanks to their materials and artistic finishes, for contract projects, both public and private. Thanks to Eltorrent’s effort and dynamism, we are present today in more than 47 countries.

To design unique luminaires with style, with personality, to create pleasant and unique moods in houses, companies and institutions.
The obsession of the team at Eltorrent is to set the mood in spaces by combining technical features of light and the art of decoration, to achieve harmony.
A universal way of communication: light.

The aim of Eltorrent is to continue to design lighting, warmer environments, magical and relaxing atmospheres, by creating a feeling of movement and dynamism.
A fascinating world to search and experiment with lighting, to meet the specific needs of each project – it is a challenge that revolutionises our minds. At Eltorrent we design light because light reveals shapes and details.
Eltorrent has a clear and sustained plan to grow and expand internationally, to take moods and creations to the homes, hotels and companies of the world. We aim to continue to create items with art, brilliant ideas and elegance. We are in the vanguard, using new technologies and setting trends in lighting.

Exclusive lamps, with finishes, richly handcrafted, with endless combinations of materials and compositions, according to the requirements of each project. Unique pieces with limited production because of their handcrafted process and artistic finish – the owner of an Eltorrent luminaire will possess a unique and limited design.
Handicraft is the final essence of each piece, resulting in surprising creations. Eltorrent’s attention to detail is supported by cutting-edge technology, with a subtle design that aims to create a warm and comfortable environment.

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