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Essential Home

Essential Home: artist built furniture and decoration for the house, designer's carpets

To breathe a new life into the bohemian retro styles of 50-60-ies of the previous century - a task that the designers, who work on the creation of the collections of the Portuguese brand Essential Home, has successfully managed to cope with. Each product complies with the special atmosphere of vintage glamoury, however uses the functionality, distinctive to the contemporary tendencies. Impressive furniture, handcrafted lighting fixtures, carpets with the authorial pictures and the name in honor of the famous film-makers allow to transform the interior in a kind of time machine, where the past inconspicuously connects with the future.


Essential Home

Essential Home: artist built furniture and decoration for the house, designer's carpets. 

Essential Home Factory operates in Portugal, however, owing to the collaboration with the famous Italian, French and Spanish designers, it manufactures the products that do not have any local context. The goods can be called rather cosmopolitan, that exist themselves in time beyond the geographical measurements. They are completely self-sufficient, that's why they do not adapt, but confidently dictate their own interior style. Consequently, the products create spectacular charismatic atmosphere in any lodgment, regardless of its purpose: the restaurant hall or home dining room, bedroom or hotel suite.

Essential Home collections - bold design ideas, embodied in the bohemian style

In order of importance, the furniture is in the first place for Essential Home designers. Its development and production are paid the greatest attention. Exactly sofas, chairs, bar stools, coffee tables play a dominant role in the creation of the atmosphere of luxury and magnificent glamory, which is reinforced with the original partitions and screens, stylish dressers, unique lighting fixtures and authentic carpets.

In the production is used high-technology equipment and manual labor as well. Materials: steel and brass, all kinds of wood, velvet and leather - everything that features retro styles, including Art Deco and vintage.

The manufacturer has identified the products' stylistic as «Joie de vivre», what means "Joy of life".  Indeed, all Essential Home products are favorable to surprising comfort and relaxation. Herewith, bright charismatic images of sofas (Ludwig, Dandridge, Lauren Mansfield, Curtis et al.), chairs (Bogart, Monroe, Taylor et al.), dining and bar stools make a colorful accent and peculiar coloration.

Coffee and dining tables deserve the special mention. They surely can be called as art objects, created to inspire and delight. Representing a variety of construction configurations, they absolutely do not terminate against the conventional visualization of ​​these furniture items.

Allen, Koppola, Kubrick, Polanski, Spielberg - is not just a list of names of well-known filmmakers, but the names of carpets, pointedly designed by the designers of Essential Home for the complement of the furniture collections. Together they create wonderful atmosphere of the cultic retro that have contemporary disposition.




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