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Evi Style

The ability to interpret the requirements of innovation and exclusivity of the contemporary market, reinterpreting the classic style. It is the Evi Style designer signature, the result of a typically Italian craftsmanship, capable of transmitting, with light and material, absolute freshness and refinement.
Selecting and combining different fabrics, crystals, metals, progress and tradition, technical rigor and creativity, the Evi Style designers create multisensory atmospheres, proposing formally and technically innovative lighting items, though remaining faithful to the aesthetics of classic decor.
These are often unique pieces, able to carry in an instant, to every environment, the uniqueness of who have created them and who owns them.
With one more guarantee of excellence: Evi Style is indeed a Luci Italiane idea.

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小handeliers, Pendant lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

Table lamps, Floor lamps

To request the best price for the goods

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