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EWF Officine Parquet

A wood floor is so much more than something to walk on. It’s like a close friend, a place to put your feet, often with nothing coming between you. It touches your skin and brings you into the realm of nature. Wood has character. It has personality, conveying sensations to all of your senses. It is color, scent, touch and sound.

EWF Officine Parquet has taken this as its founding ethos, sharing a creative process with you that starts from the choice of wood and continues on in every phase of its processing, finishing and installation.

Our master artisans cut, treat, and finish the wood that you choose, letting you see every step of the process. Select installers are able to create your best parquet floor, assembling it to enhance the forms and designs you choose.

The products with which we treat, color and preserve the wood are completely certified and chosen to your specific requests.

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To request the best price for the goods

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