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Federico de Majo

Federico de Majo- the perfectionism of style and image

Gorgeous Murano glass, which can take all kinds of shapes and original configurations - such are the lamps from the brand Federico de Majo. They are characterized by soft lines and fantasy images, nature motifs and the shine of precious metals, thanks to which they are used for the decoration of various interiors, which stylistics is defined by the word "luxury". The harmony of Italian traditions and novelty of modern fashion trends are surprisingly attained in each model.

Federico de Majo – pendant, ceiling and wall luminaries, table and floor lamps


The Italian factory Federico de Majo Illuminazione is a family business, founded in the postwar years. Initially it specialized in the production of chandeliers in classical style, made from Murano glass. But in the 70s, by which time the company had earned the reputation of heir of the traditions of the work with Venetian glass, it defined its priority as authentic architectural design. Since then, the factory consistently cooperates with young artists, who turn their creative ideas within the confines of Majo Illuminazione's concept: perfectionism in each image detail and the harmony of style. That's why the designers of Radisson hotel in Paris and Intercontinental in Abu Dhabithe for their decoration chose the lamps of this brand.

The brand's collections include the models on the strings, the release of which the factory began among the first ones in the world. The main material for the decades of work invariably has been Murano glass. As hundreds of years before, nowadays with the help of a tube the masters blow all kinds of forms of colourful or cool shades. In the production of lamps the company also uses glass, made in the techniques "pulegoso" and "krakelagio", decorated with leaf-gold or silver. Lampshades are complemented by pleat and elite draperies from upmarket silk and organza. Supporting rigid elements are made of polished or brushed aluminum. Metal parts are covered with gold, nickel, chromium, heavy-duty colour varnish or are galvanized. As a result of the craftmanship of designers and glass blowers the world is able to see defined lamps, reminiscent the flowing waterfall, fantastic flowers or frosted crystals, within glowing with magical shining.

The lamps Federico de Majo - inexhaustible source, which carries delight and inspiration. They fill the space around them with intense emotions.

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Pendant lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

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