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When a company moves on to a new stage in its history as Forestier is today, this is with the goal of preparing a brighter, design-driven future, while retaining the notions of creativity, poetry and nature as its watchwords.
Protecting the core values of yesteryear while embracing those of tomorrow, never losing sight of the need to be demanding, benefiting from high-quality, an excellent image and selectivity.
Adapting to economic changes and constantly reinventing itself. This has become a way of life for Forestier!
Drawing strength from the passion and experience of powerful minds, in addition to the proven know-how of professionals in every field.

A new chapter is beginning...
The 2012 collection places the focus on light and the many ways in which this is reflected.
As key features of the Forestier catalogue, lighting and its environment comes to the fore, more relevant than ever. Unusual tools and solutions, new technology (solar and LED, etc.) combine with new forms of know-how to convey the poetic and aesthetic spirit so dear to Forestier.
« And what could be more attractive in a home than an elegant and practical lamp which is also environmentally friendly, meeting the energy objectives which we today embrace? »
It is to these recognised or emerging talents that we have conferred the task of creating specific items enjoying a strong identity but always at affordable prices.
To anticipate the near future and to sketch out solutions to emerging problems. To capitalise on everything that has made the company so unique, conveying our difference using the resources of tomorrow.

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To request the best price for the goods

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