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HELIOS Ventilatoren

Helios is a forward-looking family business and is one of Europe's leading fan manufacturers. The modern factory has a floor area exceeding 100 000 m² of which 50 000 m² is production area. The plant is equipped with the latest production machinery resulting in high quality products.

HELIOS Ventilatoren


HELIOS Ventilatoren: electric fan heaters, controlled room ventilation systems, KWL ventilation systems with heat recovery, axial high performance fans


Helios has over six decades  of designing and manufacturing fans and components for the ventilation industry. This has resulted in enabling Helios to offer a comprehensive range of fans and ancillaries most of which is available from stock, including explosion proof fans.

The range extends from mini fans (60 m³/h) for domestic ventilation to complete systems for commercial and industrial applications. Large axial fans extend the range of volumes to reach in access of two million m³/h. These are used on applications covering cooling, heating, refrigeration, drying, etc.

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KWL® ventilation systems with heat recovery

Active air moisturizing systems HygroBox

Controlled room ventilation systems

KWL® - "Periphery"

Measure, Control, Monitor

Duct fans

Axial high performance fans

Centrifugal fans for air flow temperatures up to max. 120 °C

Roof fans

External wall fans, window fans and electric fan heaters

Small fans

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