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Henry Glass

The aim of Henry glass is to continue to develop its culture in design and production through the continuous research of original, innovative, reliable solutions in order to divide and identify the environments, merging them with the light.

There are many reasons that give "uniqueness" to the production of Henry Glass, a company specializing in the production of doors with patented "all-glass" system.

Henry Glass


Henry Glass: interior swing doors, interior sliding doors, interior disappearing sliding doors, interior external wall sliding doors, closets


Henry Glass has chosen to work with a methodology of continuous research and experimentation, giving rise to products in which ancient and unique craftsmanship is flanked by a dialogue with industry cutting-edge techniques.

From this powerful method, emerged the contemporary language through which the Henry glass style has become truly different and instantly recognizable within the industry.

Everything has an origin and a direction.
Venice, Murano, the glass, its history, its processing are the origin of Henry Glass. Architecture, decor, and design are its direction.
Along this creative and cultural path, able to indicate a new and original way in the field, Henry Glass has made glass the gate to access a new quality of life.

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Wooden doors (Swing and sliding doors)

Swing doors

Disappearing sliding doors

External wall sliding doors


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