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Holland & Holland Leuchten
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Holland & Holland Leuchten

HOLLAND & HOLLAND luminaires in a timeless design.

Our lights are manufactured of fine hand-blown glass. The glass shades are carefully handcrafted and produced exclusively according to the 2000 years old tradition.
Quartz sand, soda, potash and lime are melted in a complex process at 1500 ° C in a glass furnace. The red-hot bulk glass is then blown used some complicated operations of highly skilled glassblowers in several layers in wooden molds, which have contours of the glass shades inside.

By blowing of the bulk glass in the wooden molds each glass is produced with a barely visible different glass thickness. The resulting color differences occur particularly in multilayer opal glasses and already due to this fact each glass is unique. At about 500°C the glass solidifies into its final form and is cooled several hours under strict control, only then the glass undergoes further processing steps such as spalling of the glass bubbles, raw filing, seam, fine grinding and polishing to the finished brilliant light glass.
After these operations a further quality control is carried out and only selected glasses are processed as glasses for lights.
Single smaller bubbles and occurring variations in color characterize manual production and are a sign of craftsmanship, they ennoble the product.

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Suspension lamps, Ceiling lamps

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Table lamps, Floor lamps

To request the best price for the goods

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