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Knapstein - Light in all its perfection is our business.

The business dimension of the company Knapstein is the production of all types of lamps, ranging from floor, ceiling and wall for residential accommodation, to the railway radiators, painting backlights and even images of lights. The company operates in the lighting market for more than half a century and the brothers Knapstein mastered all kinds of the processing techniques of brass that serves as the basic material for the manufacture of lamps and bulbs for various purposes.

The mission of the company Knapstein-Germany is the providing its customers with items of a special quality, which harmoniously combine both the most advanced technological methods of materials processing and traditional methods of lamps production. The company’s

masters use pure brass in operation, which is the material, capable to become pliable "clay" in the artists’ hands, which it is possible to sculpt lamp from, perfect in shape and peculiar in design idea. Brass undergoes special processing technique, can be faceted, polished or refined, and, depending on the technology, as a result we get a lamp with special aesthetic properties.

Laconic, miniature backlights for paintings, spectacular pendant lights for the hall, luxurious wall sconces for bedroom, stylish ceiling lamp for living rooms, overhead lamps, ergonomic desk lamps and reading illuminators – the whole range of Knapstein collections has their special charm, fascination, its style can be faultlessly recognized by the elegance of processing brass elements and whimsicality of the shapes.

An association of modern technologies and love of traditional quality in each of the created lamp by the company Knapstein Germany allows to create unique samples of products, the design of which embodies classical approach and new ideas of artists and technologists.

Luxury range of lighting products from the company Knapstein Germany allows to choose the option for the interior, designed both in minimalistic style and for the room with classical design of furniture and decorations.

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Pendant lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps, picture lights

To request the best price for the goods

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