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Kudos - glasess shower enclosures

The company Kudos is located in the county of Cumbria, near the famous Lake District. This area has become the inspiration for many artists and poets and, according to the highly-artistic products of the company Kudos, also for its designers.

The establishment is specialized on the production of wetroom bathrooms and is the leader in the world market for over 10 years in this segment. Kudos’s source of pride is the fact that the company is the only working in the native country - in the UK among all the British manufacturers of shower cabins, pallets and partitions for them, and also of modern waterproofing systems.

Kudos - shower enclosures and screens, shower trays, wet room systems

The company KUDOS is worldwide known as a manufacturer of shower cabins, pallets, and partitions of exceptionally high quality. Modern technologies allow to offer products to the company’s consumers, made of lightweight and durable materials, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Owing to the special design and high package quality they can be installed in irreducible short period of time. Stylish design and functionality are the main characteristics of entire Kudos line product. It is worthwhile noting that the maintenance service of all Kudos products plays not the last role in the company’s popularization. And the brand’s « highlight», its know-how is a special patented coating Lifeshield for shower cabins, that have lifetime warranty.

Lifeshield is a synthetic polymer film that helps to keep the glass in shower cabins clean over a protracted period. The revolutionary coating prevents any mechanical damages and protects the surface from the contaminants. Owing to Lifeshield, the shower tendance has been simplified and it has become much easier to wash it, and the period between cleaning procedures is considerably increased. The coating has a specially patented formula, also it does not lose its consumer properties and buff away over time, and that’s why the cabins, covered with Lifeshield, have a lifetime warranty.

Such range of stylish and functional items is presented in Kudos collections: panel-screens (standard and Sails), multi-panels (double Out-swing and In-Fold , triple B-Fold, with four leaves In-Fold), L-shaped Showerbath screen, sliding doors and partitions from the peculiar collections, revolving doors and carcasses, doors and closets Bi-Fold, hinged and articulated doors and cases.

Based in the heart of the beautiful Lake District, KUDOS have been designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality shower products for over 10 years. The natural beauty of our surroundings has always been our inspiration and we are proud to be one of the few bathroom companies still committed to manufacture here in the UK.

By maintaining complete control of the production process we ensure that not only are you getting a superbly designed product, but one that has been meticulously engineered, assembled and packaged by a dedicated team with a focus on quality and service. And to prove it all KUDOS products come with a lifetime guarantee.

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