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Linie Design

Linie Design

The handmade carpets production сcompany "Linie Design" was founded in Denmark in 1980. Developer, manufacturer and seller of carpets of excellent quality in Northern Europe uses only natural and ecologically friend materials, producing exclusive goods for his customers.

The production of the carpets Linie Design begins with the design of the model, which is carried out by well-known Scandinavian artists. Indian masters, whose experience in the technique of hand-made carpets passed down from generation to generation, reproduce typical for Denmark illustrations, ornaments and spectacular northern patterns on the carpets. We should not think that the ornaments on the carpets «Linie Design» are focused only on the ethnic themes. Designers constantly reconsider, change, update and recombine the style in search of new design solutions and substandard approaches. Such persistent and meticulous search for innovative artistic solutions have led the company to an obvious outcome: now carpets "Linie Design" are highly sought in more than 60 countries and the demand for items of this fashion brand is growing.

The feature of "Linie Design" is the emphasis on the development of logistics and marketing. Deep market knowledge, wholesales, large quantities of purchased raw materials and own developments allow to offer competitive prices for all product categories to the customers.

The most famous collections from "Linie Design" are "Essentials", "Leather", "Selected" and "Artwork". Each of them has its own "face", distinctive differences and peculiarities both in the finishing and techniques. For example, the line "Leather" is represented by unique carpets, made in the technique patchwork with the use of leather. Exclusive, manual work allows to produce unique products with the integration of leather scraps of various colors and textures in the carpet’s body. Bright, distinctive, original Nordic pictures of models from the collection "Leather" has particular charm, bend to submission with balance of colour scheme and the severity of ornaments.

The items with bilateral pattern from "Linie Design" fall in the particular carpets category. They also are manufactured manually and are the embodiments of the creative Danish artists’ search. All carpet collections of the Danish company «Linie Design» are close to the masterpieces due to their artistic conception and their manual production and finishing in various techniques make the products exclusive.

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