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In 1978 three talented architects Riccardo Sarfatti, Sandra Severi and Paolo Rizzatto decided to unite their experience and professionalism and created a joint project in production of the lighting fixtures – company Luceplan. Their innovative approach to the implementation of original solutions in the production of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting defined the company’s concept: to experiment with materials and shapes, giving unusual appearance to ordinary objects. The range of Luceplan products includes wall, pendant, ceiling, floor illuminators, table lamps, all types of lighting for street and technical lighting.



suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lighting



A company Luceplan is positioned as a producer -experimentalist, who is constantly working at the quality, material analysis, philosophy of light, and is focused on the offering of stylish and beautiful models of lamps to the general public. The company's products are not the tributes of today's flighty and inconstant fashion. In Luceplan’s catalogue is represented the lighting, capable to fit in harmoniously and become a natural, integral part of any interior. Such all-purpose solutions have become possible thanks to qualified marketing researches, market analysis, study of the properties and peculiarities, used in the production of materials. The entrepreneurial audacity and insatiable passion to the design are the basis of Luceplan philosophy.

Thanks to the determination and unbelievable creative urgencies of artists and designers, there was an event in 2006, which became the key one for Luceplan: it invested in absolutely new enterprise in creation of a line of architectural, technical and contrast lighting, and began to produce products under the brand Elementi di Luceplan. On account of the uprising of new subsidiary company, there were opened international branches of Elementi di Luceplan in New York, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and a large number (more than 2 thousand!) of showrooms around the world. Nowadays the company owns three brand stores in Paris, Milan and New York. By 2010, the company Elementi di Luceplan was bought by the corporation Philips Lighting Consumer Luminaires and became a part of global business.

Entire Luceplan product line – from table lamps to lighting fixtures for landscape design – is certified, has high aesthetic coefficient, and refers to energy efficient equipment as works mainly on the LEDs. Developers believe that the lamps should be created for ages, so that put titanic costs in their models – material, intellectual and financial.


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