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Lucienne Monique

Creativity, originality, color and light: These are the ingredients of Lucienne Monique, an artisan company specialized in lighting and home design accessories. Nature is a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration for chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall sconces, lamp bases, but also for other objects that allow you to decorate and enrich your home and other venues. Remaining in the most authentic tradition of Italian craftsmanship, these creations combine influences ranging from baroque to art deco, which also in Tuscany have been widely used.

A little history
Lucienne Monique Schmitt, an artist with a great passion for beauty in all its forms, born from a French mother and a German father, founded the artisan company Lucienne Monique in 1964, together with August Lenz, entrepreneur and creative, from Germany. Lucienne Monique and August met in Florence, and decided to create the company together. From their passion for creativity and entrepreneurial skills that Lucienne Monique had already experienced in the business of Tuscan handicraft shops, the new company was born. In 1966, at the death of Lucienne Monique, the company that bears her name continued to be managed by August, who made it grow even more in the sign of imagination and creativity.

Today ...
In 1987 Karen, one of the two daughters of August Lenz, joined the company. It is in her hands that the company finally passed in 2002. Karen has brought a breath of fresh air, although remaining in the tradition, developing the lighting manufacturing in particular. Today, as yesterday, nature remains the main source of inspiration and craftsmanship is the strength of the company. Every article, entirely made in Italy, is assembled and finished by hand, as well as tailored to the demands and tastes of the customer. This is how objects are always unique and different, like small works of art.

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