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Lumen Center Italia

Grounded in 1976 in La Fare Les Olivier in France under the artistic direction of Gilles Derain, prominent exponent of the French contemporary design and one of the first admirers and researchers of UAM – Union des Artistes Modernes.

Lumen Center Italia


suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lights


This movement was active between 1928 and 1958, afterward it merged into the International Modern Movement and had among its founders prominent artists such as Eileen Gray, Charlotte Perriand, Jacques Adnet – whose table lamp Quadro designed in 1929 was produced by LCI – and Pierre Chareau to whom the lamp MCP was dedicated (Merci Pierre Chareau) which in 1979 had a huge commercial success and became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.

Since the beginning the lamps of the French Lumen Center catalogue have always been produced in Italy by a lighting manufacturer in the district of Milan and distributed on the national market by Lumen Center Italia, an Italian company that a few years later took over the French company. It became the sole owner and distributed the lamps on both the national and international markets. Thanks to the strict collaboration with French designers including Jean Michel Wilmotte, designer of the famous table lamp Washington, and the long well known quality of the offered products, this company, albeit not big and family-run, has been gaining more and more market share consolidating its position in the Italian and international lighting sector.

In the late nineties a great turning point was close at hand, when the DMC Villa Tosca Design Management Center – coordinated and directed by Augusto Grillo - came into contact with Lumen Center Italia for the realization of the project of the interiors and lighting design of Urawa Royal Pines Hotel in Japan. The project was called ‘Life River’ and still represents the company’s very high technical-productive know-how and skill, as well as the ability to manage with great flexibility ‘tailor-made’ projects. The adventure of DMC Villa Tosca in the lighting industry, however, had its start in 1993 as a result of a research program aimed at exploring the coloured light which then merged into an experimental workshop that took place in the striking convent of Greggio and saw many scholars, researchers and designers involved. It was these two projects ‘Life River’ and ‘Heliopolis’, that in 2000 led the Group Villa Tosca to acquire Lumen Center Italia.

Since then, the company has made numerous innovations on an International level, from being at the vanguard of the experimentation on the synthesis between light, color and sound, to the use of alternative light sources such as OLED for nautical lighting. Today, with its new strategic plan MENOXPIU, the company aims to become a sustainable enterprise both from the environmental and social points of view; a company able to have a positive impact on the area where it works and where it exports its own products.

Lumen Center Italia is a factory ‘producing lamps’ through a flexible production process. Not a big manufacturer turning out millions of copies, but a great laboratory that pursues excellence, where designers, architects, engineers, technicians and craftsmen meet to develop lighting equipments inspired by their hearts and fantasy, but guided by reason and functionality. An Italian factory,international in scope which, for the design of its products pursues a precise methodology: receptive to contemporary thinking, with deep cultural roots, sensible to aesthetics. Lumen Center Italia is – and wants to continue to be - an Italian design factory, where lighting systems are manufactured, from prototypes to the end tested products, entirely in Italy. A factory of integral Made in Italy products,sustainable, reliable, approachable, open-minded, where valuable objects are manufactured for the homes of today and tomorrow.

Lumen Center Italia is part of Villa Tosca Design Management Centre Group - a company specialized in managing creativity processes. In the last twenty years the company has developed innovative methodologies for the various phases of design from research on trends to the studies of concepts for products and processes. The soul of the Company is its founder: Augusto Grillo: entrepreneur, manager and sociologist who has a unique background, marked by the deep relationship that ties him to Japan, where he studied. Since 2000, Augusto Grillo has served as the owner and president of Lumen Center Italia leading the company to a more international scope but also guiding it into a design thinking company in which Humanism and Science, West and East, Numbers and Aesthetics coexist.

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