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Florence has always been famous for its craftwork, an old art whose roots go back to the Renaissance.

Here is where in 1966 our company was born and has developed thanks to the genial inspiration of its founder, Paolo Marioni. In just a few years this small craft studio turned into a reliable manufacturing company whose products have gained more and more success on the italian and international market.


Marioni: chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, mirrors, furniture, accessories

Though MARIONI is a large-sized company, it鈥檚 strongly characterized by a family approach whose sense of belonging has been preserved together with a spirit of devotion and commitment. At the same time this company has kept alive the innate creativity of Tuscany.
A history and a wide range of products that suggest new and charming ideas for modern home-life. Collections that are unique thanks to their creativity, craftsmanship and special design. MARIONI policy refuses a mass-production system, while it prefers an approach that meets, without problems, even the most various requests in terms of size and shape of custom made objects.

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Chandeliers, 小eiling lamps

Wall Lamps

Floor lamps


Sofas, armchairs, chairs

Chests, sideboards, bookcases, TV cabinets

Decor Accessories

To request the best price for the goods

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