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Michael McHale Designs
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Michael McHale Designs

For most of his career, Michael McHale was an entertainment lawyer whose creative output consisted mainly of handling the legal work of creative people. A creative man who had stuffed down any impulse to create long ago, McHale was content to be around creativity rather than to create himself. This lifestyle choice has been called “adjunct creativity," and McHale found it deeply unsatisfying.

Michael McHale Designs

Michael McHale Designs: designer indoor lighting

Fed up with law but not sure what to do with his life, McHale walked into a design store one day to purchase a light fixture for his New York apartment.  Unimpressed with either the materials or the message of what was on offer, he thought he could do a better job himself. What he ended up making proved to be more interesting than he had hoped. His choice of materials — industrial pipes and fittings drenched in fine crystal — conveyed a powerful message of what is capable of beauty when considered properly.  The work became an affirmation of what’s possible– much like McHale’s own late artistic blooming.

Since MMD began in the autumn of 2007, McHale’s work has been featured twice in The New York Times, in magazines such as Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, New York Magazine and in dozens of other design and lifestyle publications and blogs all over the world.

His chandeliers have hung in the living rooms of celebrities and tastemakers, industry big-wigs and design aficionados. McHale’s modern chandeliers have sparkled at the American Express VIP Room at Fashion Week in New York, in drop-dead Hamptons beach houses (both the kind with helipads and the kind without helipads but with really beautiful swimming pools), in Aspen ski houses and bars, in Qatari designer showcases, in Taipei living rooms — even in a Harley-Davidson showroom. You can see his work in restaurants and nightclubs from California to Moscow. It all looks just great.

In recent years, Michael McHale Designs has introduced The Tribeca Collection, which brings their industrial-chic aesthetic to ready-made, affordable pieces, The Outdoor Collection, which waterproofs his extravagant chandeliers for outdoor use, The 3D Printed Light Collection, which creates innovative abstracted light fixtures from eco-friendly bio-based material, and the upcoming Raw Collection, which will revolutionize the way people think about their lighting.

To request the best price for the goods
To request the best price for the goods

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