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Pierre Fannes and Betty Bergen are the Belgian designers who are responsible for the creation of flashy baroque light fittings that adorn the ceilings of the most charming of interiors.
Pierre started his career in the world of fashion and Betty has always had a passion for travelling. Together they have invented a joyful concept: the transformation of flagship design objects, with a special focus on light fittings, into deco-pop, glamorous and colourful creations. They launched their MUNO brand in 2001 and created an entire universe of classical objects such as baroque chandeliers, saloon light shades, industrial-look steel desk lamps and added uplifting acidic colours to the mix: fuchsia, citrus yellow, almond green or turquoise blue. In addition to at least six of the latest season's colours, the lines also come in black, white and transparent making them ideal for all types of interiors.

This exciting duo has a preference for light and humorous designs aimed at an audience who love interior design, but who are not necessarily aficionados. They are specialists but not elitist when they bring that special twist to everyone’s home with their slightly off-the-wall touches or with the totally euphoric and uplifting look they create. No need to be a master of contemporary art to be swept away by the Goa line in crocheted cotton, hand-made in a workshops populated by grandmothers, because the fine technique of this craft is lost among younger people today. If you are open to a hint of fantasy, you can change the whole ambiance of a room. MUNO also targets collectors of little design ‘bijous’ as well as lovers of colour. The thing that unites clients of this wonderful quirky brand that is made in Belgium and distributed in 34 countries, mainly France and Italy, Switzerland and Germany all the way to Mexico and Japan, is a desire to pamper themselves – tastefully and without pretention.
As a tribute to the world of fashion MUNO launches two collections per year to bring clients an assortment that is constantly at the cutting-edge of fashion. While the lines follow the prêt-à-porter trends, the designers succeed in creating their very own unique signature. Pierre and Betty spur each other on in their creative processes. They design all the objects themselves in a spirit of co-creativity. Encouraged by the acknowledgement they receive from their trend-loving clients, they give free rein to their imagination to create items in plastic, metal, fabric. Nothing is excluded if it serves the concept. Every season therefore we see the fruits of their imagination in the form of new lamp shades in metal mesh, a true work of laser-cut iron lacework, or mother-of-pearl lotus lamps, futuristic ‘alien’ lamps in steel, fibreglass wall lights in the form of hunting trophies and in the bedroom there looms the head of a fuchsia pink elephant in the form of a lamp. An assortment that is as popular with owners of private classic interiors who like to surprise as it is in cinema interiors, night clubs, synagogues or in hotels. These emblematic pieces, immense crystal chandeliers that are both original and festive, also make fine decorative pieces for events like marriages in the Middle East, or Cannes-style avant-premières.
The point that all these collections have in common is the note of originality they bring into a world of interior design that often takes itself too seriously.

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