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Ornamenta: ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles for the interior decoration of residential and public premises.


The use of ceramic and porcelain tiles from Ornamenta is a win-win way to create an extraordinary interior of homes, apartments, hotels and entertainment establishments. Talented artists, who work at the factory, cunningly combine restrained classic and audacious avant-garde, floral prints and animalistic themes, camouflage stylistic and spectacular vintage. Each collection is distinguished by the outrageous, severed, however, within the framework of aesthetic and artistic taste.

The factory Gamma Due, which produces goods under the trademark Ornamenta, was founded in 1977 as a small production of ceramic decorations. Now – this is a company that became famous throughout the world thanks to its tiles, which are combined in interesting collections. They are chosen by both designers, who embody the wildest fantasy projects, and by property owners, who prefer modern charismatic stylistics.


Ornamenta – collections, created to surprise.

Various styles and color scheme attract the attention of many famous interior designers to these ceramic tiles. And this is quite explicable. With the help of fragments of different sizes they are able to create unique panel and peculiar surfaces.

  • Tangle. Refined and aristocratic tile made in light pastel shades, which have wide variety of ornaments. The peculiarity of the illustrations is such, that it is possible to create many pattern options, using tiles. Thus, it seems that the developers give us to understand that anyone is able to draw; the key point is the desire.
  • Camou. It is a kind of brutal collection of avant-garde, which the camouflage print is reconceptualized in. By virtue of the use of original coloristic it loses its militancy and is presented to the customers in the form of a bright, life-affirming picture that characterizes young generation.
  • Miseria e nobilta. It has the similarities with the popular fabric types. The surface of each tile resembles a piece of cardboard sheet, which such stylish patterns as "crow's feet", English cell, tweed, "herringbone" and lace are laydowned on.
  • Artwork. Fully corresponds to the style of "pop art", the ideas of which the designers have borrowed from Andy Warhol’s works. At the heart of the collection are 3 popular textures: wood, brick, and marble, painted in bright, saturated colors.
  • Jungle. Daring collection, which outstands due to its bold color schemes, combined with animalistic prints. As its background, a restrained palette, complemented by spectacular pattern, belonging to one of the tribes of the Ecuadorian jungle, is used. Tile has a textured surface similar to leather.

Each collection of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles of Ornamenta is an emotional design for the creation atmospheric interiors.

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Collection - camou

Collection - artwork

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