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P&V Light

Three decades of creativity at its brightest.
In the history of a company, the evolution of a bright idea.
At the centre, two vital and vibrant elements, which are deeply connected: light and crystal.

P&V Light, for over thirty years, has developed a personal and unmistakable interpretation of interior lighting. From the magnificent sparkle of pure Swarovski crystals to the fertile encounter with the noblest materials of nature: from rich and decorative forms to austere, simple, minimal lines; from small rooms to large formal spaces.

Drawing from an exceptional handcrafting tradition, unheeding of the urge to grow for the sake of growth, but constantly perfecting the mastery of a market niche that may be small, but has great creative potential. Selecting the finest of materials, respecting the environment and pursuing ingenuity, following the advice of excellent designers and cultivating the expertise of respected ateliers.

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Suspension lamps, Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

Table lamps

Floor lamps

To request the best price for the goods

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