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Produzione Privata

Produzione Privata is first and foremost,  Michele De Lucchi ’s ongoing experimentational playground for design creations.

It started off in the 1990’s as a way to develop his own furniture, inspired by his personal and family experience. Now it has become De Lucchi’s substitute for Memphis to create improbable designs based on everyday inspiration grounded in philosophical extrapolation. Every product has a name, a story and a soul born out of De Lucchis never ending curiousity, playfulness and disciplined experimentation.

Michele De Lucchi’s experimentation takes shape in the form of a Produzione Privata creations only when the following ingredients yield a remarkable and meaningful raison d’être. Michele creates a Produzione Privata product when he has found a suitable: 1. Drawing which has imagination, 2. A right Material, Artisan and chemistry in his Laboratories 3. A Philosophy that represents or was the inspiration for the product.

1. Drawings and Imagination
If you know Michele well then you know that during every free moment he has he is drawing on his sketchbooks that he always carries in his pocket next to his heart. It seems that he is relentlessly searching for a new design, not any design, but a design that is truly original, a design that will surprise and inspire. All in all it has to be a design that his incredibly demanding perception regards of having Imagination

2. Philosophy
The Philosophy of our products is that intangible reason to exist that gives birth to our creations. It goes against conventional wisdom which states that function is the irrefutable reason of existance as tought by industrial design. The research around function is omitted in our process not to hinder and define limits to our experimental horizon. Our product start from a philophical reason to be: not to illuminate, not to chair, but to represent an ideal, a story or a tought that mediates and expresses the function of the object, not the other way round. We have in our collection, wooden wall trays, vases designed to hold other vases not flowers, stools that build into a coat hanger and many more examples of dysfunctional experimentation.

3. Laboratories
The Laboratories of Produzione Privata are the inhouse workshops where we experiment hands on with the materials and work together with our artisans. It is the place where the designs of our products begin to take shape. It is where we have an ongoing conversation with our particular material and the resulting artisan that works it. We have a close relationship with our artisans who represent and speak for the voice of their material, thus helping and steering our experimentation towards the perfect enbodiment of our philosophy and designs. Our collaboration, research and stories with our artisans have inspired, ended or completely transformed most of our products.

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