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Robers Leuchten

Since 1964 we have been producing high quality lighting fixtures and wrought iron work in our family owned company in Südlohn/Germany.
The brand ROBERS symbolizes tradition, sustainability and  timeless design.
Our lighting fixtures are carefully crafted by experienced blacksmiths. In this way each item becomes a unique touch.
All materials are from highest quality. The glasses are mouth blown from glass artists in Germany, Italy and Hawaii.

Robers Leuchten


Robers Leuchten: wrought interior and outdoor lighting, furniture for houses and outdoor, outdoor accessories, gates, fences


To request the best price for the goods

Suspension lamps (Interior light)

Ceiling lamps (Interior light)

Wall lamps (Interior light)

Table lamps, Floor lamps (Interior light)

Suspension lamps, Ceiling lamps (Outdoor light)

Wall lamps (Outdoor light)

Pedestal lamps (Outdoor light)

Post lamps (Outdoor light)

Spot lamps (Outdoor light)

Furniture for houses

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor accessories

Gates, fences, banisters, doors

To request the best price for the goods

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