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Ter Hürne

On a level playing field, from person to person - the ter Hürne company has been characterised by this philosophy for the last 50 years, because business has always been "a people product", says company founder Otger ter Hürne about his concept of partnership, down-to-earthness, quality and trust. They are values that have developed over time: an acknowledgement of employees and customers that continues to be valid as far as current directors Bernhard und Erwin ter Hürne are concerned.

ter Hürne


ter Hürne: parquet, laminat, avatara multisense-floor, wall and ceiling decor panels, terrace planks


The name of ter Hürne is a synonym for fascinating, high-quality floors – for people with corners and edges who like to assert themselves and make high demands. We regard floors as a crucial design element in living spaces where people can live out their individuality and uniqueness.

They are therefore a stage for life in the truest sense of the word. We hope to express this uniqueness of life with our selection of naturally grown woods and the nuanced surfaces of our products. Our ranges are just as multi-layered as the life of every person is unmistakable and richly facetted. Our tradition is rich in wood competence and allows us to create high-quality and innovative products on the basis of cutting-edge technologies.

With a combination of passion and fascination, we stand for a total dedication to quality in all that we do, because that is our trademark.

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Avatara MultiSense-Floor

Wall and ceiling decor panels

Terrace planks

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