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In Usmate, in the heart of the green Brianza, a geographical area with a long tradition of porcelain production, knight Franco Perego founded Tiche Porcellane d’Arte in May 1962. Driven by a passion for porcelain, Franco Perego faced numberless challenges before learning to successfully handle the subtle alchemy that goesinto an artistic creation and its implementation.

On-going contact with sculptors, model makers and painters from historical art workshops, led him to gradually discover all the secrets of porcelain -a precious, mysterious material. He was thus known as the “Porcelain King”.

Making the most of their father’s teachings, today his children Cristiana, Luca and Lamberto enthusiastically carry on the “Porcelain Journey”.

Tiche, the faithful guardian of an old artistic tradition that hands down skill, secrets and knowledge from generation to generation, is today one ofthe very few companies that can produce, in a kiln a a temperature of 1400 C, hard porcelain with which to make inimitable objects of exceptional candour sometimes so thin and translucid as to create really fascinating transparent effects. Unique in the world for the variety and quality of its producuts Tiche is appreciated today in Italy and abroad by top connoisseurs.

We believe our valued clients really appreciate knowing that by tradition MANIFATTURA D'ARTE TICHE has always been a faithful guardian of the most ancient porcelain working techniques. This has always inspired us to use hard porcelain which bakes a very high temperature, 1400 C.

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